Reach Development Project - Plans

The final plans include:

  • A servery* and toilet with disabled access
  • An entrance ramp and level floors
  • An enlarged porch with a higher door to the church
  • Underfloor heating, with wall heaters to boost the temperature when the church is in use. The heating is powered by electricity, which is the 'greenest' option currently available to us, and improved insulation helps reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Improved lighting and audio visual facilities
  • The removal of some pews, to be replaced with stackable chairs. Some pews will be left in place and fitted with castors so that they can be easily pushed aside if a large flexible space is required.
  • The refurbishment or replacement of the organ**
  • Landscaping the grounds.


* The final layout of kitchen fitments will be adjusted when the room has been constructed and we can form a better idea of how the space will work

** The current organ was installed in St Etheldreda's in 1991, having previously been in 2 other churches. It therefore has no particular historical significance in this place. It will have to be removed for the work to take place and, if we can find another church which would like it, we propose to replace it with a smaller and more versatile digital instrument. If no 'new home' can be found, however, we will refurbish it and put it back in its current position. 

You can access the main plans on the links below. More detailed plans showing specifications for all the electrical installations, insulation etc are available on request 

Floor plan 

Internal plan

Elevation showing west end

Plan of lobby, servery and WC

Site plan