New online churchgoers

We have been very encouraged that you have been taking part in our online worship. We’d like to find out what is working for you, how we might improve, and what you are hoping for in the future. We'd like to get to know you better, so it would be helpful if you would leave your name, but if you prefer you can complete this form anonymously. Your data will be processed in line with our privacy policy. If you are happy for us to contact you or send you information about church activities, please complete one of our Keeping in Touch Forms

If you would rather have a conversation than complete a form, please contact Eleanor on 01638 741262 or

Which types of our online church are you accessing? (please tick all that apply):
Facebook weekday Morning & Night prayer
Sunday morning Facebook service
Sunday morning Zoom service
Refresh Café
Messy Gathering
Elk Prayer Gathering
Phone line access
What attracted you to our church in particular? :
What is the most valuable thing for you about accessing online worship?:
Have you any suggestions about how we could develop and improve what we do?:
When the crisis is over please tick which options you think you would prefer:
To continue to access services online, either as now or live-streamed from the church building
To try out a church service or activity in person in the building
To return to your previous pattern, perhaps because normal life makes church hard to fit in or to return to your own church
To connect with the church in a different way (please tell us what that might be)
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