Booking for a church service or event

We are delighted that you would like to join us for a service or gathering. More details of our Covid-19 precautions are here. To help with our planning, you can book using the form below. If you would prefer to sit at 1m+ distancing, please indicate this. Please wear a face covering at all times and consider taking a lateral flow test before coming.

Whilst it is no longer a requirement, you can leave your details for Test & Trace via this form if you would like to participate, or you may prefer to scan the QR code in church to use the NHS app. Please click here to read our on-line Privacy notice.

Please note that for groups for families and children, we also have to keep a register to comply with safeguarding requirements.

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Details of service being booked :
Sunday 23rd January 8.30am Holy Communion St Marys Burwell
Sunday 23rd January 10.00am Joint Churches Together Service at St Marys Burwell
Family Events :
Friday 21st January 10.00am Refresh Cafe
Number and names of attendees in your group:*
If relevant, please give name of individuals or groups you would like to sit with:
For services, please indicate here it you would prefer to sit at 1m+ distancing:
Would prefer to sit at 1m+ distancing
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